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All treatments are under the supervision of Board Certified and Licensed Physicians.

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Revive Wellness of Oxford was started by Joshua G Griffin, M.D., a board-certified diplomat of the American Board of Urology. Dr. Griffin has been in practice for over 10 years and began introducing bioidentical hormone replacement to patients in 2018. In 2022 Revive Wellness Clinic was opened as an expansion of his practice with the goals of continuing to offer patients with hormone optimization in a more boutique setting. Furthermore, we will be adding to our services hydration therapy, sexual wellness, nutraceuticals, and hair loss treatment. Dr. Griffin and his team are excited about the ability to offer their clients a patient specific treatment plan in their new clinic.

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At Revive Wellness of Oxford our team of highly specialized providers are here to help you feel healthier and happier. We believe that feeling your best is the key to LIVING your best.

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Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford

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With Revive, you get results that you can feel. Many of our patients have left our clinic feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You too can feel this way with Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford.


At Revive Wellness Clinic, you can feel safe and confident, knowing that our professionals are here to deliver safe, effective, and reliable services under the supervision of board certified and licensed physicians .


Our team is highly trained and dedicated to providing the best care possible for all our patients. At our clinic, we are passionate about helping people live their best lives.


Revive's boutique style facility gives our professionals the opportunity to work at a smaller, more personal setting. This means we can provide each client a more customized treatment that fits their specific needs.


Revive Wellness is committed to providing the best treatment and results for their patients with cutting edge equipment and therapies, including bioidentical hormone optimization and peptide therapy.

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Check out what people are saying about Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford. At Revive, our patient’s happiness and well-being always comes first.

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